Saturday, June 4, 2011

Babies vs Adults

Untalking babies.
How they ask the parents for their needs?

CRY! ye betul! (bravo2!)

When they are hungry. CRY!
When they are sleepy. CRY!
When they are uncomfortable with their diapers. CRY!

Kesimpulannya, when they are unhappy with something. All they have to do is CRY! Then the parents will automatically know that their babies are in need.

Talking adults.
How they ask for their needs? how they express their feelings? and how they tell their points of view?

They TALK! (bravo2! lagi)

They just can ask for anything that they need, can express their feeling and can freely give their opinions by using any kind of language that they know and comfortable with.

But, what if their needs and opinions are ignored or they don't even have the chance to speak up for what they need?

Should they cry out loud asking for their needs like babies??

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